Sup. The name is Jane. very generic I know but easy to remember and forget. Yes I'm a girl, you know, if you're wondering.... I like things and stuff.You know the works. I'm bisexual, even if I don't really show it. I live in Cali. Well that's the general things. So......Pray for my if you dare. Peace out, Fother Muckingers! :D
(if you wanna know those last two parts where from my favorite singers/artists)

Oh and I don't think I'm a photographer(if you look at the picture) I just want to save a few moments (and rocks) from my hike at Red Rock. My mom's the real photographer XD. Though I'm not too shabby with a camera....but I wouldn't want to do it. Okay Jane stop rambling. BYE!


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    I need these.
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    I want this because of reasons. So many reasons.
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    Someday I’ll make...wearable pair. Probably not long-fall-proof, but wearable.
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    It’s nice to see people appreciating my artwork...DeviantArt. I just wish THEY WOULD...
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    Here it is, potential investors! The “Long Fall Boots”! A million and one uses! As long as each of those uses involve...
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    Not 100% video game accurate… but still awesome. BTW Portal long-fall boot spam coming right up ;)
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